Monday, 10 October 2011

Chatting Minecraft.

If you've ever got chatting about Minecraft you might also be one of thousands who use IRC to hookup and collaborate with new people about the popular game.  As its first release comes closer the level of interest grows too, we've seen the number chatters increase not only on the official channels but on other IRC networks, forums and special events. 

You can check out the Mibbit index of places to chat Minecraft here, one to note is  

Qubetubers last big event raised money for Childs Play charity and saw over 2,000 chatters on the Mibbit Widget and 18,000 viewers.  They have a schedule of events going on and one even saw the creator of Minecraft 'Notch' join in, at which point it went crazy.

Events like these are an excellent way to get to know the game and find out about mods.  Check out the Minecraft communities here;   Official channels hosted on IRC network include;

#minecraft - Official channel
#minecrafthelp - Help and support from community
#mcchatter - General community chatter

Qubetubers is at #Qubetubers

And if you're looking to discuss the November release when the game comes out of beta then lookout for Minecon in Las Vegas, looks like it's going to be big.

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